Why Men Love Dating Cougar Escorts?

The stigma of younger men dating older women is long gone. It turns out that when it comes to dating, especially escort dating, clients just go wild about cougars. Aside from the obvious fetish that revolves around the scenario, dating an older escort can be good for many other reasons.  Younger escorts aside, cougars offer a different level of pleasure together with just the kind of intimacy you need.

So, what makes cougar escorts so popular among men?

1. Enjoy Experience Cougar Escorts!

Older escorts are packed on dating experience, professionally and privately. That said, the more experienced your escort is, the more entertained you’ll be during your date. Cougars know a few things about how to seduce and flirt with a man; and they are not afraid to talk you into playing out your fantasies- in bed and elsewhere. Experience for an escort also means knowing the ins and outs of taking care of their clients; and it must be that motherly nature cougars have that rings the bell for men.

2. Easygoingness!

One of the key things that men love about cougar escorts is their adaptability and willingness to indulge. An older escort doesn’t feel the need to compete with the others and has a higher idea of self and pleasure. She knows how to make you feel comfortable around her and she knows how to nurture and satisfy you at the same time. I mean, what’s not to love about it?

3. Cougar Escorts Appeal!

Older escorts defy age in looks and brains and that’s just the truth. All older escort prance stunning figures and have just the right amount of sass and elegance. Plus, cougars value a good conversation, so aside from looking stunning and being provocative; they know how to engage with you in other ways, too. Last but not least, cougar escort might be older but bolder, too, so expect to have the maximum amount of fun when booking your date!

4. Safety and Aesthetics

All older escorts pay attention to the details that make your date great. For one; she can always recommend a good place to dine, just private and fun enough for you to relax and enjoy. Also, older escorts know the power of sensually appealing to a man while keeping him on his toes at the same time. If you enjoy a little chase-and-reward scenario; safe sex, and full-on discretion, a cougar escort date sounds like your match made in heaven.

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