What’s the Proper Client-Escort Etiquette?

It is no news that escorts make a popular choice of date among men. However, when dating an escort; many clients oftentimes forget that there is a certain etiquette to follow for a more satisfying experience.
From proper manners and services to maintaining the privacy and treating your date right, here is a little guide into proper escort-client etiquette.

No Complaints

It should go without saying that complaining to your escort regarding the service is a petty move. For one, you can always check for escort portfolios and services online and before booking your date. If you care to avoid misunderstandings or ending up with a wrongful service; do your research properly and figure out what you’re after. Should your escort date not be what you expected; complaining to your escort won’t do much but you can always get in touch with your escort agency for further issue management.

Your Identity

Although dating an escort is private and discrete, you will need to verify your identity before completing your booking. Yes, leaving your name, address and contact number might not be ideal; but escort agencies guarantee to always keep your data private. The reason your personal details are needed is to guarantee our escorts’ safety and have an idea of where and when you’ll spend your date. Just like confirming your identity when booking your date; you should also verify your information when you first meet your escort.

Don’t Bargain

Bargaining prices after having booked an escort date is a great mishap on your part. Escorts have predetermined fees available for clients to see and agree to, so if the price doesn’t suit your budget; simply leave booking your date for another time. Trying to get your escort to reduce her fee is simply rude and unprofessional on your part; and will likely cost you what could have been a very pleasurable date.

Her Privacy

Just like an escort ensures to keep your privacy protected, you should do the same for her. Dating an escort is one thing, but also keep in mind that all escorts have private lives outside professional dating and therefore appreciate their privacy as much as you do. Humblebragging to your friends about dating an escort is kind of immature; as it is taking photos of your escort or pushing her to share private details about her life.

On a Good Note

Ending your escort date on great terms leaves you room to come back for a second date and perhaps even become an escort regular. As always, ensure you thank your escort for the experience and tip her well; and if feeling like it, leave her a great review to make her appreciate you even more.Source:


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