Victoria Secrets - Bradford's Favourite Seductress xxx

Hello! You know there is always one place I am guaranteed a warm welcome and that’s Bradford; and you guys have gone and got yourselfs quite the reputation haven’t you!?

Come on you know what I am talking about you have a bit of a weakness for a sexy lady; and I can not blame you for that either.

I completely feel the same! and that’s lucky because there are so many frisky couples in Bradford, that call on me and I am more than willing! and you must be happy, as I get called back time and time again.

I sometimes wonder why that might be, then I think about the smile on my clients faces and that says it all - pure joy and that’s what I offer, throw in with my desire to have some naughty fun, yes I know I am thinking of myself here, but you want me to enjoy myself too ? And I do , I just love my work but I almost feel a bit guilty calling it work when I enjoy myself so much.

It’s not all about my lovely couples though, I love my one to one time with the men of Bradford. I love getting up close and personal with you; and I can not think of a situation I would rather be in.

Do you want to join me tonight? Why don’t you give me a call and invite me over; and I can show you just want fun you can have in my company
See you soon xx