5 Hot Positions for Your Two-Girl Fantasy Date!

As one of the steamiest escort services available, a two-girl fantasy is an epitome of ‘the more, the merrier’. Even so, as ideal as a two-girl fantasy date might sound, chances are that things could get chaotic or busy in the bed. However, with a little practice and a lot of imagination, your date will become the hot double-trouble Two-Girl Fantasy you hoped for.

To nail your upcoming date with two fabulous escort babes, here are 5 sex positions that will set your date to a very sexy sail!   

1. The Double Cowgirl

The cowgirl is a great position for a three-way date, as it allows all three participants to get equal pleasure. Lie on your back and let one girl come atop you, while the other straddles your face. This way, you will also enjoy a hot girl-on-girl kissing action and let the pleasure build on.

The Doggy Train Two-Girl Fantasy!

For this position, you get into a regular doggy style position with one girl, while the other can either continue the ‘train’ in the front or become ‘handy’ whenever you need her. When booking a double escort date, keep in mind that these ladies know how to turn up the party, so do yourself a favor and let them.

The Double Oral!

Now, double oral works in all sorts of ways. In it, you either get all the pleasure from both girls or pleasure one escort in a joint effort with the other girl. You can also try a triple oral or a 69 train, where each participant gets his and her fair share of satisfaction. As a tip, you can extend the triple oral positions into a train-like variant.  

Two-Girl Fantasy The Eifel Tower!

For this position, get into a doggy style with one of your dates, while the other is in the front, receiving oral pleasure and making sure you are never short on kisses and touches. A quite intimate position, you can change roles as you wish and make sure all gets a taste of the shared pleasure.

5. The Spooning Vibe

If you are feeling like expanding the closeness and intimacy between the three of you, try the spooning position. Each can take the position he or she desires and from there, it is on to pleasure only! Three people allow for dynamics to take over, so use it to the best of its abilities.

Finally, you can always take the freestyle route and enjoy each moment as it comes!

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