5 Hot Social Games for a Sexier New Years Eve with Friends!

The idea of sexy doesn’t always have to do with sex, but more with the atmosphere. Assuming you have a curious and adventurous group of friends, you can make this New Year’s Eve hotter and more fun. How? By playing adult social games, of course and have a even Sexier New Years!

Whether a single or coupled up, if your friends are coming over for the festive party, here are 5 spicy games to play.

Before you do, agree to be as liberal as you can and let go off your hesitations.


Sexier New Years Eve: Roll the ball!

Intended for couples, pair up the singles together for this game of sharing. Take a rubber ball for all couples to press with their bellies. The goal of the game is to move around the ball in order to bring higher until you are both supporting it with your lips. For a more interesting spin of the game, mix and match couples at random and time yourselves.

A Mystery Object!

First, divide into two groups- guys and girls. Next, blindfold one of the opposing team’s members and hide a mystery object somewhere among the members of the second group. From a hoodie to a sock and a few other, more private places, this game is quite hot for groups who like to mix things up.

Sexier New Years Eve: A Guessing Game!

Divide into two groups, boys to girls and write down questions about you- easier to harder. You can ask in turns, but if a wrong answer is given, the loser has to take a piece of clothing off. The interesting thing about this game is that you can go softer and riskier, and you get to choose to whom you ask the question.

Dress Down to Dress Up!

The game begins with every member of the group being blindfolded and stripped down in underwear. Have a friend who’s not playing toss around different clothes around the room for the others to put on (shirts, pants, sweaters, etc.).

While blindfolded, you have to find a piece of clothing to dress up in. if you, say, are 6 people, use 5 clothing pieces, leaving one losing friend in their underwear. Continue the game and enjoy all the accidental body contact.

Sexier New Years Eve: Spin the Bottle!

Spin the bottle is a popular game among many groups of friends, but as it is New Year, you can crank the game up a notch. Not just exchanging kisses (same-sex kisses count, too!), you can switch the level of kissing with each round, including details like lip-biting/licking/sucking, or some tongue action. To make the game kiss-free, yet still hot, instead of the lips-on-lips, take one piece of clothing off someone else in turn.

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