5 Reasons to Pause Sex for a While!

It is not that sex is not amazing or beneficial for your health, but just like that, so is taking a break from it. Putting sex on hold for a few weeks or even a month can be a great way to reconnect with yourself, your partner and truth be told, your sexual needs.

One of the main reasons why quitting sex for some time is the fact that you’re leaning on it too much at times. Whether for emotional or physical reasons, teaching your mind and body to work ideally without sex as part of the equation is almost a necessity.

And if you don’t believe me, here are 5 reasons why taking a break from sex can do you good.

Having sex too often can lose its meaning

Whether you do it casually, or in a relationship, too much sex can sometimes take the fun out of the experience. Same old, same old, to actually switch things up in bed, steering clear from sex will actually help you fall in love with it all over again.

No excuses

At times, we all find ourselves not overly excited about sex, and we count on a handful of excuses to skip it. Or worse, instead of making excuses we oftentimes do sex just for the heck of it. However, when you part ways with sex for a week or two, you’ll find yourself free of having to provide excuses or turn down sex in the first place. And with that, the desire to remind yourself of the times when sex was brilliant will be born again.

Finding an alternative

It is safe to say that sex is a real thrill for both men and women. However, to make sex happen, quality foreplay is also a must. And, just because you’re taking a break from sex, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to take a break from creating erotic stimulation. Sexy play can be plenty of fun, and sex doesn’t even have to part of it. Remember flirting?

Body image

Pausing sex for a while is a great way to take care of your body, in your own intimate way. Wearing comfortable underwear, walking around the house naked and without a sexual charge hanging in the eir is quite liberating- you should try it!

You get things done

When sex is off the table, your mind can actually pause and refocus as well. This means that you can finally catch up on those deadlines, meet up with friends, have plain old fun and travel your heart out.

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