Top Tips for Your Hottest Two-Girl Fantasy Date!

Dating a stunning escort can be a dream come true for many clients; but what happens when you double on the experience? As a top service offered by most escorts; bisexual dates guarantee you an amazing time spent in the company of not one but two glorious dates.

Still, if you have never booked a two-girl fantasy date before; here are a few essential tips to help the experience be exactly what you hoped for.

Contemplate Your Reasons

Are you booking a two-girl fantasy just because you want to have the experience? Are you interested in learning more about polyamorous relationships? Whatever your reason for booking a two-girl fantasy date is, make sure your escort dates know it two. Sometimes, clients will have too-high expectations of what a bisexual escort date should look or feel like; so discussing the details of your date upfront will help you understand the process.


Dating two escorts at once might seem confusing as not everyone likes the same things in sex. Therefore; before you book your date, ask your escort agency what a two-girl fantasy includes and check your escort profiles to see the services they are offering. In threesome arrangements, setting up boundaries is quite helpful to ensure that everyone is the on the same page and comfortable with the flow of your date.

Leave No One Behind

Even if you like one of your escort dates better than the other; it is completely rude to act like it and dedicate your time one girl only. As two-girl fantasies are about passion and lust times three; it is important you make sure everyone is having a great time and no one is feeling neglected or ignored. If you start to feel overwhelmed at managing two dates at once; try putting them in charge and surrender to the sensation. 

Have Fun

One of the reasons you want to book a two-girl fantasy date is to explore sex and companionship from a different perspective and have the most fun you can. That said, during your date, leave no room for shyness or awkwardness but have a blast and live through the experience with an open mind and much-needed curiosity. 

Leave a Double Review

Because double the fun deserves double the reviews, right? When you date two escorts at once (and you had the best time ever!), ensure you write two separate reviews for each date even if you don’t want to mention the particular service you were using. 


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