12 Sexiest Tips for the Hottest Solo Action (vol. 1)

Good sex starts in your own bed, and if you haven’t been paying it attention, you’re missing out. How well do you know your body? Can you tell what gets you off in a minute and what makes you anticipate?

If you are not the one to spend too much time on himself, you are not doing it right. Masturbation is not just a healthy practice, it is also one of the best ways to uncover your hidden pleasure triggers, Finding the time to pamper and spoil yourself is also important, so if you are into a one-man Friday night under the sheets, Here's tips for hottest solo action for a greater erotic pleasure!

The Mirror!

One of the most satisfying ways there are to masturbate is by doing it in front of the mirror. Seeing yourself naked will give you a whole new intimacy and visuals worth inspecting. Don’t be afraid to get handsy and explore your body, from lips, neck and nipples, to crotch, butt and feet. The sexual arousal that comes with being able to see yourself enjoying the pleasure is unmatched to any other arousal out there.

Hottest Solo Action: A Finger!

There are many things you can do with your fingers, other than holding a firm grip on your penis. Think of how you’d want a woman to put her fingers to work across your body and then just try it yourself. From teasing nipples to massaging your erogenous zones, like thighs and scrotum, using fingers on yourself will lead you to your sexiest self.

The Mood!

Rather than masturbating on the toilet or in rush, take an hour or two to fully set yourself up for it. Play your favorite sensual tunes, get in the nude and spray a little perfume on your bed. Pour yourself a drink and get comfortable touching yourself in the relaxing atmosphere. The lack of interruption will give you piece of mind, and the liberty to play with yourself- a chance to do it right.

Hottest Solo Action: Think, Pleasure!

Whether during sex or masturbation, the aim to pleasure ourselves oftentimes goes ignored. This shouldn’t be the case, because your road to erotic satisfaction is just as important as reaching it. Because of that, try this little trick- think of no faces, no names, no scenarios. Just tease yourself in bed while thinking of your pleasure alone. What makes you tick? What don’t you like? Focusing on how your body responds to arousal matters, so do it one step at a time.

A Night Out!

Instead of dressing up for a date, do it for yourself and go out for a drink. Dine at your favorite restaurant, get to know people and feel good about yourself. Instead of taking a girl home or hitting up your partner, take the night off and commit to your own sexual fulfillment. A night out just for yourself is nothing to be ashamed of or secretive about, and the more you allow yourself some solo action, the better lover you’ll be to the woman in your bed.

Hottest Solo Action: The Shower!

Although you might already be a fan of showers and masturbating under the splash of water, you could be doing it wrong. Instead of pushing yourself into pleasure, use any hour available and give yourself a proper shower, hence a sexy body inspection and some rubbing. Plus, the shower is a private place just for yourself, and play around with using lotions, bubble bath products and massage oils while getting clean. 

Source: https://www.womenshealthmag.com/sex-and-love/a19898988/masturbation-fun/

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