How to Have the Hottest All Day Valentines Day Date?

When you think of Valentine’s Day, a romantic dinner, candles and smooth music might come to mind. And while all are great ideas to put to practice, an all-day Valentine’s date sounds even better. Awakening the romantic side of you on this special day is important, and so is getting your sexy groove back.

So, why not begin your Valentine’s Day celebrations early and as you should?

Here are a few great ideas How to Have the Hottest All-Day Valentines Day Date?

Hottest All-Day Valentines Day Date: Morning Playtime!

As soon as you get to work, begin the day with a nicely composed sext, that has just the right amount of compliments and sass to it. If you want to start things off before you even leave for work, you can always surprise your partner with a morning oral or a hot shower together. Another great passion booster is to have your partner dress you up for work, one piece at a time (and you can do the same for her!).

And, before you leave for work, you can put a pair of your partner’s favorite panties, leaving a simple note like ‘Wear these tonight’.

The Afternoon Raunchiness

Take a few minutes off your work to hit the bathroom and send your partner a hot text or a nude. If you are not that good with words, you can always browse for dirty quotes online and send them instead. Speaking of sexy quotes, feel free to make sexting an all-day affair, where you can drop secret hints of your plans for the evening.

Staying in your office during lunchtime? Call your partner and spend a few exotic minutes teasing each other on camera.

Use your imagination, as even the simplest things as sucking on a lollipop or loosening your tie can do the trick.

Hottest All-Day Valentines Day Date: Home, at Last!

Now, this is where the actual fun begins. From dressing into each other’s underwear to using blindfolds or wearing masks during dinner…passion is always hidden in the details. Put off sex for as long as possible, and in the meantime, find the sexiest playlist available, feed each other sultry bites and make this Valentine’s Day a one to remember.

Going out for the night? Instead of driving, take a cab downtown and get silly in the back seat. Then, treat yourself with a few drinks, just enough to get you tipsy and ready to bring out your sexiest self.


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