6 Naughty Games for the Dirtiest Christmas!

This Christmas, make your festivities extra special and sex things up during the days of the celebration! There’s no time better than Christmas to step out of your comfort zone and make room for some of the Dirtiest Christmas Pleasure.

Relax alongside your partner and dig into the forbidden sensual fruits Christmas has to offer with these 6 steamy games made for two!

Truth and Dare!

A sexy take on the popular game, use your truth card to learn more about what your partner wants sexually. What’s their most erotic desire? Would they ever have a threesome? If the truth is too touchy to handle, a sassy dare could work just as fine.

Dirtiest Christmas: Timing It!

From soft foreplay to actually engaging in sex, the stop and start game is exciting to play. Give yourself, say, 5 minutes, to do whatever you please, and once the time is up, simply stop. While you can go ahead with what you were doing already, controlling your pleasure can be much more rewarding.

A Sexy Photo Shoot

Don’t be shy to stand in front of the camera and let your partner capture you in motion or in your best light. To return the favor, have your partner dress up in sultry lingerie and strike a pose, following your instructions. And yes, you can go as dirty and as naughty as you wish.

Dirtiest Christmas: Write It Down!

Make a list of 12 sexy scenarios you want to see happen and have your partner do the same, writing them down on small pieces of paper. During the 12 days, use all ideas to create a lottery game, where you pick one piece of paper and turn it to the hottest bed adventure.

Housewarming Party

You already spend plenty of your time at home during Christmas, so why not turn this into a game? Instead of getting sexy the old way, have sex at places in your home you’ve never considered. From your basement to the attic and a larger wardrobe, your house is far more interesting than you think!

Dirtiest Christmas: Dirty Scrabble!

The game works the same as when played regularly, but instead of all words, you stick to naughty terms only. As soon as someone connects a word, the other one has to do a dare in return. Let your imagination loose and get ready to play!

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