How to Choose the Perfect Escort Date: 5 Helpful Tips!

Choosing a suitable escort companion is just as crucial as choosing the right service. Not every client is the same, therefore, not every escort or service will be the same. This brings us to the importance of every client doing suitable research in finding what service and escort type works for him. Below, read some of the things that all clients should look into before booking a date with a VIP escort companion.

The Service Fee

Escorts offer different kinds of services, and all these have their own fees. The fee can mainly depend on the escort’s experience in the business, her reputation, and rating. Also, not every service has the same essence, therefore, the fees can vary based on the experience. Dinner dates, the GFE, overnight stays, travel dates, and more – all these service fees might vary depending on the escort. Self-employed escorts are the ones to create their own service fees, so clients can compare different arrangements and choose one that meets their budget.

For their most loyal clients, some escort companions might even offer a discount.

Service Duration

Another factor that can impact the service fee is its duration. Clients need to ensure how much time their date will last and calculate the cost based on either the escort’s hourly fee or the overall service cost. Some services are not offered by the hour, and clients can book them at a lower price. Such include the GFE, overnight stays, travel dates, etc. When you are looking at a potential date, also ensure your escort has enough time to spend with you, based on her available working hours.

Escort Availability

Especially when it comes to longer dates, clients need to look at their desired escort’s availability. Self-employed escorts manage their own schedules and you can find them on their agency’s online websites. If you are in for a longer service, it might be best to book one a few weeks in advance, thus ensuring your chosen escort is free to accompany you.

Escort Details

Finally, clients need to take time to research the escort selection available to them. This can best be done by booking through an escort agency, as the options are endless. Brunettes, ebony dates, matures, teens (+18), bisexuals, couple’s escorts, blondes, Asians, Europeans, English dates, and more types are available for a booking – do take your time in choosing the perfect match. Clients are also welcome to read escort reviews from other clients and make better decisions based on them.