5 Tell-tale Signs of High-Quality Escorts!

Though many clients favour the idea of dating a professional escort, not many can tell the difference between a regular and a VIP companion. As it turns out, elite escorts are in a league of their own and are specially trained and equipped in providing a stellar service based on all preferences the client has. Unfortunately, many escorts tend to advertise themselves as VIP companions, though that is not always the case.

To keep you in the know of the difference between a high-quality vs a standard escort, read on.

1. No Pushy Service

In regular escort dating, either the escort or her agency will promote the heck out of her service, almost to the point of annoyance. However, with VIP escorts, clients are left to their own devices in orchestrating the date they want to have – just because they want to have it, not because it was advertised enough for them to want to do it.

2. No Exposure

Unfortunately, regular escorts may swear by providing clients with top discretion, however, they are unable to fully deliver or guarantee it. Well, with VIP escorts, there is always a discretion clause that makes sure that, first, no data the client provides about himself will be exposed, and two, that no details of the get-together will ever leave the room, or wherever it is you’re having your date.

3. Reviews

Genuine escort reviews are hard to come by in the regular escort dating world. However, when you date a renowned escort, you will have access to numerous client reviews, all of which detail the different experiences they had with a specific escort and the types of services she offers. That’s another thing, VIP escorts, unlike standard dates in the business, offer more than one service type and excel in delivering them to perfection.

4. Training

On one hand, independent escorts may have experience in dating clients but they won’t have undergone the required training, so they’ll never know the services in full. But, when you date a VIP escort, you can be sure that she has passed all training requirements to be a professional date, and that she knows every angle of the services she delivers.

5. The Screening

Whereas standard escorts do not undergo any screening, especially paperwork and health-wise, VIP escorts need to meet both criteria before venturing into the line of business. In other words, elite escorts will always provide you with a trustworthy paperwork that testifies to their legality in the business, as well as wellbeing certificates that ensure your companion is in perfect health.