Anal Orgasm Guide: Tips, Techniques and Then Some! Vol 2

Want to become the master of anal orgasms? Regardless of whether you are the receiver or the giver, an anal orgasm is a great way to explore sexuality on a dirtier and sexier level. As mentioned in the first part of our guide, anal orgasms are all about stimulating the notorious A-spot.

Sounds yummy?

If that’s the case, let’s dig into the more intriguing tips to get you head over heels with anal orgasms.

Use Your Tongue

Before anal penetration, make a powerful sex toy out of your tongue and get busy. The tip of your tongue is a great starting point, as it doesn’t yet stimulate the A-spot, but teases in all the right ways. Next is swirling your tongue along the cheeks and finding your way between them. Finally, the tongue-darting in and out of the anus is a great tip for kicking things off right.

Use Your Fingers

Now that your tongue has done its role, it’s time to put your fingers to work. Well-lubed, insert a finger inside the anal opening and curl the fingers upwards. Play with depth and speed, pulling in all the way and dragging on your way out. If possible, use a second finger for a greater impact.


While on the spot, press your fingers as if ringing the doorbell. Begin slowly and smoothly and increase intensity as you go.

Circular Motion

Another trick you can do with your fingers is circulated inside the anus, thus directly stimulating the A-spot. Pick up the pace if requested, or just listen closely and adjust the tempo.

If you trust your fingers to go faster, imitate a vibration and dig in deeper and faster.


Have in mind that even though anal orgasms are possible, no two butts are alike. This means that you will have to experiment with depth, speed and pressure, thus finding what your current partner likes. If you are ready to do more, introduce toys to the bedroom. Such can include butt plugs, dildos, or vibrators which are particularly successful in hitting the spot.

Multiple Stimulations

If you feel like going the distance, you can provoke several orgasms at once. While your fingers are busy finding the A-spot, apply a vibrator against the clitoris (or prostate, if you’re flying solo), and wait out the response.

Finally, working the A-spot while penetrating inside the vagina can really raise the bar or extravagant orgasms.


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