Anal Orgasm Guide: Tips, Techniques and Then Some!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that much like the penis and vagina, the anus is an excellent orgasm provider. Especially if you know your way around the backdoor, anal orgasms can be truly rewarding and out of the ordinary. Also a kink for some, the anus is equally appealing to men and women.

As for the orgasm, it feels like frequencies of pleasure running deep within your body and all over it.

Below, we gathered all the information you need to know on anal orgasms and how to reach them, so go on then.

Treat yourself.

It all begins with the A-spot

To experience an anal orgasm or provide one, you will first have to work your way around the A-spot. The infamous spot is located inside the vagina and can be stimulated with anal penetration. Unlike the G-spot, the A-spot is located 5-6 inches inside the vagina and is comprised of nerve endings that thrive during erotic stimulation.

Does It Hurt?

While love can hurt, pleasure doesn’t have to. Aside from first-time discomfort which will take some adjusting to, anal penetration is not as painful. However, being careful and extra gentle is key during anal sex, and let’s not forget the lube.

Getting Started

If you are ready to give anal orgasm a shot, here are a few practical tips to guide you. As this type of pleasure goes both ways, we’ll discuss both options.

If you are the receiver:

The first thing to consider when stimulating the A-spot is keeping yourself relaxed and aroused. If you’re into this dirty fantasy, watch an adult movie ahead of time to get excited. Another way to prepare yourself for the act is to take a hot bath, which will relax your muscles and boost the blood flow. While in there, rub the spot gently to wash it properly.

Begin with a butt plug. Butt plugs are not as rigid as dildos or strap-ons and come in various shapes and sizes. Use lubricant (lots!) before penetration, but even before that, just tease to fill out the sensation.

If you are the provider:

When trying to you give someone an anal orgasm, there are several things to consider. If using fingers, trip your nails and wash well before and after, to avoid bacteria. For extra protection, you can use latex gloves. Next, use a condom. Especially if you are less acquainted with your partner’s sexual history, a condom can help you stay protected and lube the area some more. Plus, you stay safe against STDs, so there’s that. Finally, keep solid foreplay in mind before heading for the rear. The anus, much like the rest of the body, enjoys kisses, licks, and touches, and if you really want to grace someone with that orgasm, you’ll have to take it one step at a time.


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