8 Benefits of Nurturing a Healthy Sex Life!

Believe it or not, sex comes with a handful of physical and emotional benefits that keep your overall health in shape. As a pleasant and satisfying activity, sex is perhaps one of the most natural means that helps you keep a sane mind, achieve a physically fit body, and boost your self-confidence.

Just how beneficial is regular sex, you wonder?

Wonder no more and read on as we list 8 of the most rewarding benefits of getting down and dirty on the regular. 

1. Beneficial for Your Heart Health

Having an active sex life means greater cardiovascular health, especially in men, science confirms. As men suffer a greater risk of heart-related diseases; sex can help improve overall circulation in the body and reduce hypertension.

2. Better Sleep

One of the key ways to induce a proper sleeping cycle is to have regular and satisfying sex. According to studies, the aftermath of sex is exceptionally beneficial for relaxing the body muscles and releasing any tension; which ultimately helps prevent insomnia and restlessness.

3. Bathroom Relief

Interestingly, regular sex can act as a natural laxative, through toning and regulating the abdominal muscles. Post-orgasm, these muscles are relaxed and ready to do their job; which might send you to the bathroom for an effective toxin cleanse. 

4. Pain Relief

Among other benefits, regular sex can also reduce body pains. During sex, your body releases both oxytocin and endorphins; which are both feel-good hormones that have the power to alleviate pain and discomfort.

5. Immune System Boost

Especially during the flu season, active sex life can help you protect yourself from inflammation and colds. As per a related study, people who have regular sex showed 30 per cent higher levels of immunoglobulin A in the body; an antibody that effectively helps boost your immunity.  

6. A Solid Workout

When searching for new exercises to help you burn calories, look no further than your bedroom. Namely, having active sex life is an amazing calorie burner and muscle toner and; therefore, serves you as a wonderful exercise. What’s more, sex studies reveal that sex can burn a significant amount of calories; or 200 calories for every half an hour you spend in bed.  

7. Stress Reduction

One of the most important benefits of sex is that it helps extinguish stress and anxiety from the body. As your brain releases endorphins during sex; you are bound to feel more upbeat and in the mood when ruffling your sheets.

8. Enhanced Creativity

Emotionally, sex can work wonders for your creativity and make you feel more fulfilled and accomplished. In addition, nurturing a healthy sex routine can also boost your overall motoric and mental functions and even strengthen your focus and concentration.

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