7 Original Tips to Zest Up Your Escort Date!

If you have booked a private outcall with your favourite escort date, we have just the tips you need to make it all the sexier and exciting!

For clients who are looking for a way to refresh their bedroom activities, escort dating can be a very fulfilling experience. If you are looking for something fresh and out of the ordinary, here are 7 raunchy tips to try!

Ask for a Dance

Escorts love well-crafted foreplay and dancing makes just the right first move. If you want to engage in a little voyeurism; ask your escort date to treat you with a nice lap dance or striptease. Just the visual of the dance will immediately put you in a sublime mood; and all that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Nothing Goes

Taking off clothes is a natural part of getting intimate, escort date or otherwise. However, if you really want to build anticipation, try keeping all your clothes on for the entire foreplay. Ideally, this includes your clothing, underwear and even socks, and it goes for both of you. With both of you fully clothed; you will have far less territory to play with, but that is exactly what makes all the fun. It’s all about being creative, so let your escort see what you got!  

Leave Your Coat on

Upon meeting your escort, ask her to wear a long trench coat and as little as possible underneath it. Of course, it is always better to be surprised than to ask for it; so make an arrangement with your date to show up in just a coat on her own accord. That way, you won’t see the move coming and you’ll have plenty to look forward to after.

Take It Outside

Outdoor sex can be a bit risky, but that doesn’t mean you cannot fool around in public, right? Whether at dinner or a museum, get flirty and teasy with your escort date and whisper sweet somethings in her ear all night long. Need to boost the mood even more? Send her a text in the middle of your date and ask her to meet you in the bathroom for five minutes. Now we’re talking!

Let Her Have the Charge

Naturally, escorts know how to create a sexy vibe with their clients, so don’t be afraid to let her lead. Instead of doubting your next move; allowing your escort to set the pace and initiate can be both exciting and unexpected in all brilliant ways!

Have a Bath

Whether as foreplay or after all is said and done; lying in a bathtub with your escort will relax you all the way. If you care to make the activity even hotter than it already is; why not treat your date with a scrub-down or a nice, erotic massage?

Take a Timeout

No matter how far you have gone with your escort date; if you want to create that extra layer of pleasure, call a timeout right in the middle of the action. As a form of edging; this trick will leave you wanting more and teach you that staying disciplined is always worth in the end.

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