6 Tips for Your Steamy Video Call Date!

Don’t let loneliness and boredom get the best of you- find yourself in the best female company possible and book a wonderful escort video call date! Thanks to technology, our dating lives can now take a different turn, and video call dating is quite a popular option.

In the world of professional escort dating, booking a video call means plenty of fun, newness and enjoyment, as well as maximum privacy and discretion during your date. So, how does video call escort dates work and more importantly, how to make it a date to remember? 

1. Create tension

A great way to set the tone of your on-camera escort date is to think of virtual foreplay. Although not the same as physical connection, teasing over the camera can drastically boost the tension and arousal for both you and your date. Anticipation plays a great role in getting yourself in a sexy mood, and the visual effects only add quality to the experience.

2. Experiment with Phone Calls

If you are still not ready for an on-camera escort date, you can always start small and book a phone call date first. Phone call dates with professional escorts are quite steamy and you can consider them your personal hotline. Interestingly, just talking on the phone can help you relax and build enough confidence to date in front of a camera. 

3. Talking is Key

Even though video calls deliver that desired visual effect, you still need to communicate with your escort and talk your way through pleasure. Namely, talking (dirty or not) help you follow instructions more easily and share your fantasies, too. As with everything else, communicating your boundaries and creating a safe word are great tools to ensure you are both on the same page. 

4. Prepare the Space

In video call dates, your space will be a detrimental factor in how your date goes. Therefore, ensure your room has a stimulating and pleasant vibe. Feel free to play sensual music in the background, light some candles and even bring a glass of wine in front of the screen. Also, keep your bedding fresh and clean and as always, don’t forget to doll-up for the occasion.

5. Don’t Plan Ahead

Although you might have an idea of how your video escort date will go, things oftentimes set their own course of action. In other words, if the occasion calls for spontaneity, just go with the flow and let the mood take control of what happens.

6. Double the Fun

Despite the fact that you are having your date on camera, you need to make sure your escort is having the same amount of fun as you. For instance, toys and props can help satisfy the needs of both parties, and the same is true for dirty talking, role play or anything else your date might be into.

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