6 Raunchy Tips for a Memorable Quickie!

When was the last time you engaged in a little wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am action? Whether for the adrenaline, the rush, or time-efficiency, quickies make your sex life richer and better. Sometimes, you don’t want to take the longer route, but just need to shake the nerves off, right?

Well, if you, too, love a fire-cracking quickie, here are 6 mind-blowing tips to always get you in the mood.

1. Talk It Out

I have said it once, and I’ll say it a thousand times over- dirty talk is hot! A quickie shouldn’t last long, it is not in its nature, so sexy whispers and hot nicknames can work like a charm. Not just during the action, you are welcome to incorporate dirty talking even before meeting up. Sext, send nudes, go wild- it’s super fun and will make you super horny.

2. Less is More

Less clothing on you means a more efficient and down-to-business quickie. As that is already your goal, ask your partner or date to wear something loose, like a skirt or a dress. Also, as you’ll be getting it on pretty quickly, why wear underwear at all? No muss no fuss, just good old quickie style.

3. The Arousal

While the idea of a quickie doesn’t call for foreplay, you want to ensure the other side is well prepared for action. If you are not going in for an on-the-go oral, which you should, you should always have lubricated condom on you, and put your fingers to work before diving in.

4. Not All the Way

The point of a quickie is to get in, get out and have yourself a party. While you want to ensure you are underdressed, leaving most of your clothes on will serve you well. Both for building temptation and safety reasons, only take off what you need to, and never forget anything you can’t leave without.

5. All the Senses

When you are fighting time during sex, the best way to get to climax is to activate all senses. For smell, shower and wear refined perfume. For taste, use a chapstick or chew a nice mint. For vision, give yourself a moment to look at the woman in front of you. Touching is also a must, so explore as much as your heart desires. For hearing, speak up or whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

6. Privacy First

For a successful quickie, especially with people around, you want to ensure no curious eyes catch on your action. Pull the blinds on, go into a hidden corner, and try to keep it down.

Source: https://www.escort-ireland.com/blog/six-tips-for-the-ultimate-quickie/

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