5 Tips on Making the Sexiest Snap for Your Online Date!

Dating during quarantine has only left a few viable options, including sexting, phone calls, and on-camera dates. If you are a regular dater, you have likely already transferred your love life online. Now, let me ask you this- when things get hot and heavy between you and your date; how good are you at teasing? trying to send your sexiest snaps has always been a stigma for men, and although many would like to try and send a nude to their date; they simply don’t find the effect appealing.

Well, sending a great nude can be trickier for men than for women; but luckily, we gathered 5 tips that can help!

1. Feel and Look Good in Your Skin

Women love a confident man, so you must be proud of what the package you are presenting. Being naked might be uncomfortable at first, but the more in tune you become with it; the better it will reflect on your sexy photos. Aside from feeling great with your body, you should also dress up the part. If a full nude is not your forte, wear your favorite boxers or briefs and keep your favorite tank-top on. A nude doesn’t have to be all out to have an effect on your date; so always leave something yet to be seen. 

2. Sexts First!

I know, it sounds cheesy; but sexting before actually sending a photo of yourself can ease up the tension and boost the mood. Being naughty and flirty over texts will help you relax and get to know each other slowly and seductively before you can get personal with snaps.

3. Sexiest Snaps Leave Something to the Imagination!

Showing everything all at once is never elegant, so keep your nudes aesthetic and partially mysterious. Think of the kind of photo you want to send, and then narrow the photo down to one angle only. This way, the person you’ll send the photo will know exactly what you send without having to see it all.

4. Some of The Sexiest Snaps Are From Afar!

Again, if you want to send a decent nude, another great idea to try is to create minimalism. For instance, if you just stepped out of the shower; take a photo of yourself in a mirror, standing farther from it. If you are not a fan of selfies, use your phone timer and find the perfect shot. 

5. Get Inspired and Keep It Cool!

There are no particular rules for sending the ideal nude but doing some research and scrolling through online galleries can help. Aside from inspiration, make sure your nude is tasteful and relaxed; so add a hint of ‘cool’ to it and, whatever you do, don’t overthink it. 

Source: https://www.gq.com/story/send-nudes

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