4 Effective Tips for Your Next Video Escort Date!

On-camera dating has just recently taken off as a popular service in the escort world. Nevertheless, video escort dates can be a great way to explore intimacy, bonding and pleasure from a different angle. In addition, camera dates are a great way to keep in touch with your escort date if you are travelling or whenever you need someone to hang out with.

Dating in front of the camera can be very satisfying for both clients and escorts. If you thought about booking a video call date with a top-notch escort, here are 4 clever tips to give the experience the flow it needs.   

1. Establish the Ground Rules

Before booking your video call date, you will have to think about what the experience will include. When it comes to setting boundaries and rules for your date, it is relevant you discuss these together with your escort date. Some of the things to consider include showing or not showing your face on camera, potential on-camera dinner arrangements, and keeping your privacy safe throughout the experience. 

Consent makes a huge part of spending a great date with your escort, whether on camera or not. When on camera, however, you will have to share all ideas with your date and see where you and her stand on the topic. Another reason why consent matters in video dates, is that it helps get you and your escort on the same page and clarify any misunderstandings before time.

3. Keep Your Privacy Safe

And by safe, we mean to choose the best and most reliable platform to have your date on. Escorts are usually adjustable when it comes to social media platforms, so you can recommend a safe platform you like or use regularly. Although it is impossible to know whether someone is intercepting your date, you can always include protection passwords to enter your chat.

In addition, even though you might like the idea of taking hot snaps of yourself and your escort, the risk of leaking these to the public is real, and honestly, just not worth the trouble. 

4. Generate Ideas

When dating on video, it is important you come ready with propositions and ideas for your date. Your escort might share a few ideas of her own, but you should, too, come up with various hot suggestions and conversation topics. One of the things that makes video call dating successful is the ability to be creative even without being physically present. Therefore, brainstorm your favourite date to-dos and then make your proposition.

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