4 Bedroom Moves to Impress Your Escort Date!

Dating an escort is like getting a taste of the perfect idea of dating. On one hand, you get a fully private and unforgettable experience at your home, hotel room, or out in town. On the other hand; you get to enjoy a variety of services, including traveling, overnight stays, dinner dates, two-girl experiences, and even the Girlfriend Experience. If you never dated an escort before, aside from company and comfort, you can also expect to enjoy a plentitude of sexy moments spent in the privacy of your hotel room or house. So, how do you become your sexier self around your escort date?

Here are 4 incredible moves impress your escort date! that won’t go unnoticed when you find yourselves under the covers. 

Keep Your Eyes Open!

Seduction, affection, new moves- these are all things escorts can teach you in bed. To soak up the knowledge, we advise you to keep your eyes open in bed…literally. Oftentimes, driven by the arousing sensations, we close our eyes to enjoy the moment even deeper. But if you keep your eyes open and your mind present in the moment, you’ll be able to experiment with sex in a much more intimate way. Plus, maintaining eye contact has always been a power-move in bed; and I bet your escort babe will enjoy the attention your give her.

Impress Your Escort Date: Kiss More…A Lot More!

If you want to bond with your escort babe quickly, one way to share intimacy in bed is to kiss deeply and meaningfully. Kissing oftentimes goes unnoticed when sex is in the picture; but actually, it is juicy and wet kisses that get you really thrilled about it. As your escort date will come experienced; she’ll appreciate a client who is not afraid to get into the sultry rush of kissing. And no, I don’t mean pecks on the cheek and lips, but real tongue-teeth-lips action. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

If you are pretty comfortable around your escort (and why shouldn’t you be?); get the biggest mirror you have around and bring it to the bedroom. Don’t just use the mirror to watch yourself in the peak of your sexual excitement. Instead, use the reflection as a way to explore your nude bodies in the mirror; while maintaining semi-virtual eye contact through it. Provocative, teasing, and refreshing, this little tip will be the cherry on top of an already great date.

Impress Your Escort Date: Slow Motion!

Whatever sexy ideas you have for your escort date; make the most of your time and do them all in a slo-mo fashion. This way, you will create the necessary arousal you and your escort need and by the time you get to penetration; you’ll have already hit all the right spots.

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